Sending an International Wire Payment Question

2022-02-25 18:26

Below is a description of the international wire method.  We do about $5 million in overseas wires each year.

 For International Wires originating from outside the U.S.A. please use the following:  
There is an additional section that needs to be included due to new banking regulations and an arrangement that our bank, The First has with Key Bank for international transactions. Every bank has a slightly different form for their international wire transfers, but what many banks do is to fill in the normal sections with The First information as the Beneficiary and the Key Bank information as the Beneficiary Bank and then put the Beneficiary Account Details under the special instructions section (sometimes called additional information or further instructions).  The important thing is to have all three sections worth of information on the wire transfer document (or on-line form).

The First NA
PO Box 940
Damariscotta, ME 04543 U.S.A.
Account Number: 199681001947

Key Bank
4910 Tiedeman Road
Mailcode OH-01-51-0641
Cleveland, OH 44144 U.S.A.
Swift: KEYBUS33

Further Credit:
Marine Parts Express
65 Dodge Road
Edgecomb, ME 04556
Account # 55454817 Routing # 011201830
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