Fuel Pump 3594444 Replaced by 21608511 Question

2015-03-10 15:53


I wanted to explain about the fuel pump.

In the attached schematic the complete fuel pump is part number 3594444 which after many changes becomes 21608511.

Also in the attached  is the high pressure pump (part of the complete pump) with a number of 3588865.

So the complete fuel pump is made up of the low pressure base (with all of the parts and connections) and the high pressure pump.

Volvo Penta and Carter, who makes the pump, have had some issues so that is why the entire pump has changed

numbers so often.  The new pump has a one year warranty.

If however, you just swap out the high pressure pump then there is no warranty as Volvo Penta’s belief is that

you need to go with complete new pump.

My guess, and we have a description of this issue in our blog and in our newsletter, is the problem that some of these

fuel pump experience is a combination of the ethanol in the gas (which eats away the earlier coatings inside the pumps), the application and the way the pump is cooled by the water line.


J. D. Neeson

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