PCU and EVC Question

2015-03-05 16:06

Hello Sir:

Attached is a quote for a PCU   with the programming for your engines.  However, I need to know which version of EVC you have.

In the quote, I assumed you had an EVC-C3, but you need to look on the actual box which will tell you which one you have (you could have a EVC-E, EVC-C2 or a EVC-D).

The serial numbers you provided do come back as D4-300A-A, but Volvo Penta does not keep very good records on which EVC you have.  I can contact them and they will give me what they think is your EVC version, but I would much rather you physically check.

The price of the PCU and the programming does not change depending upon which EVC you have, but the part number does change.

Thank you. 


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