Swap King Cobra over to VP SX Drive Question

2015-03-05 17:29


Here are all the parts to swap your King Cobra over to a Volvo Penta SX drive.

You may have to do a little work on the transom as the VPA transom shield is a little different than the King Cobra.

If this was just a cobra drive you would not have to replace the whole transom shield, but since it is you will have to replace the whole Transom shield.

You will need a new shift cable (around $75) as well.

I quoted you a prop, but we would need to double check that I got you the correct pitch.

If you wanted to go with a dual prop drive everything would be the same except you would need the DPS drive which is another $1,500 and a set of dual props for $750.

Look this over and please feel free to give me a call and we can discuss.

Thank you.


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