Volvo 945444 Flange Bolt Question

2015-03-05 18:16
Hello Sir:
Thank you for getting back to us.
The 945444 flange bolt for the exhaust is an error in the Volvo Penta system.  When you actually get the 945444 bolt it is a little short screw (see attached picture of bolt and attached picture of the schematic that actually includes this bolt in a fresh water kit item #13 ) and is not a flange bolt.  So we changed it in our system so that number changes to a flange bolt. 
But the new number is the same price, more or less.
I have sent this to Volvo Penta in the past, but they really don't have a process for dealing with these discoveries.

Attached files: 95444 flange bolt.jpg, 945444 schematic.pdf

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