Volvo D3-200 PCU and Velvet Drive Transmission Questions

2015-03-05 18:25

Hello Sir:

Attached is a quote for the PCU that probably goes with your D3-200. I say probably, because without the serial number of the engine, I can't be sure which PCU you have.

There are a number of D3-200 configurations and each have a PCU that looks alike, but is programmed at the factory a little differently.

If you give me the serial number of the engine, I will confirm that I guessed correct and send you an updated quote.

The SN 09000210966 is the serial number of the PCU given to it by the manufacturer while the PN S101308/RIF is the part number given by the manufacturer.  Volvo Penta takes this part and burns in the program depending upon which engine is needed.

Thank you and please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any more information or would like to place an


J.D. Neeson

Thanks. I will look for something local here. I need some other parts for our transmission. Do you sell velvet drive parts? We have a Borg Warner 71C  I think 2.1:1 about 1985 model. The rear seal is leaking, so we need a new seal, new hex nut and any other recommended parts to fix.


We do stock BW parts.  You will have to check the ratio though. The 2.1 BW drive is the drive that reverses the input direction so what ever direction the input is the output is reversed.  We stock parts for this, but be careful as all the other drives have pretty much interchangeable parts, the 2.1 does have some special parts.

It is on our web site, but just for fun I will send you the shop manual for the BW gears which also has the part numbers in it.
We do rebuild these if it turns out to be more involved than you want to do.



Hi, JD
Did some checking and found some notes in the boat's manuals. It is a 71C with a 2.1:1 ratio and uses a left hand prop because it is reversed. I can't say exactly when it was built, but my best guess would be between 1978 and 1988. What is the cutoff date for the "Early Production" models?
Thanks for all your help,


My guess is that you really have a AS14-71C which is the early version of the 71C which is the earlier version of the 72C.  The 2.1 gear is the only one that you can't just swap around the pump if the input is in the opposite direction (I.E. a counter rotating engine).  So there are two 2.1 gears, one for standard input engines and one for counter-rotating engines.  We have parts for both of these and have rebuilt ones for
all of these versions. If when you say the prop is reversed you mean that the input and the output are opposite
(i.e. the gear changes the direction of the prop) then you have a 1.91:1 Borg Warner.  The 1.91:1 gear is the only BW that swaps the input direction.  

Often in two engine boats you have the props going opposite directions so you have a 2.1 gear and a 1.91 for the port engine to swap direction.  In the early days sometimes you had a counter rotation engine (PCM used to offer these engines).  In this case they often had the 2.1 and the 2.1R (counter rotating input).

Hope this helps.



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