Volvo 3862228 RPL 3847644 and Bulletin Questions

2015-03-05 18:31

I recently purchased Volvo Penta p/n 3862228 (fuel filter) not realizing there was a Volvo Penta Bulletin calling for another part # for a higher capacity filter for use with ethanol fuels. Can I return the original and re-order the new filter (p/n 3847644)? If so, is there a return charge, or shipping fee?


I think you would find the 3862228 would probably be sufficient, but we are happy to swap
it out for the new one.  Just send the 3862228 back to Marine Parts Express, 65 Dodge
Road, Edgecomb, ME 04556 and we will send you the new one.  The 3847644 is $4.32
more expensive and we would charge you for the shipping down to you.
I have attached the actual bulletin which discusses the larger filter.  Volvo Penta
recommends that the new filter should be used in applications where it will fit. 
Personally (and this is definitely not Volvo Penta speaking), I have some doubts that
a larger filter will make any difference in respect to the Ethanol issue.  Volvo Penta has
had a large number of Carter produced fuel pumps failing. 
From what I understand Carter blames the Volvo Penta application while Volvo Penta blames
the pumps themselves.  We have certainly sold (and warranteed) a fair number of these
pumps, but I can't see there is a direct causal relationship between the pumps that
fail and the fuel that went through them. 
We have had a significant number of pumps fail that customers swear had only used
non-ethanol treated gas (many marinas offer non-ethanol gas at a premium), while at the
same time we have had customers who have never had any problems using gasoline
with ethanol.
I think the characteristic screaming failing pump (sometimes the engine just runs oddly)
may be a complicated combination of the fuel pump's manufacturing, the Volvo Penta use
of the pump, the age of fueling dock pumps, the amount of time the gas sits in the fueling
dock tank, the number of hours put on the boat, the ambient air temperature, the average
dew point and the way the boat is actually used.
All I can say is that it seems like pumps fail more on the 5.7L engines and then secondly on
the 8.1L engines than they do on the 4.3L engines.  But this may be more a function of the
number of engines out there than any real insight to what causes the premature failures.
I have also attached the Volvo Penta bulletin talking about Volvo Penta's new Ethanol Fuel
Treatment.  I think it makes good sense to throw this in with your gas each time you fuel up
and while we have had good luck with this Volvo Penta product, I suspect that any fuel
treatment that does not contain alcohol would probably also work.  
Just as an aside, if your Volvo Penta engine is still under warranty, I would recommend that
you use original Volvo Penta fluids and parts.  Volvo Penta is very reasonable about their
warranties, but if there are any issues and it is determined that aftermarket parts and fluids
were used, it muddies the water and adds unnecessary complexity to what is usually a
fair and straightforward warranty process.

J. D. Neeson


Attached files: High Capacity Fuel Filter Gas.pdf, Volvo Penta Ethanol Fuel treatment.pdf

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