AQ125/280 Return Parts Question

2015-03-06 20:20

Hi, First off, I hope you guys are doing okay after the heavy snow and winds. Spring will come along one of these days and winter weather will be in the past. Got a question. I ordered up a bunch of O-rings, seals and a PDS bearing for my older AQ 125/280 Volvo Penta. When I was ordering the bearing (#3851019 on the box)I asked if it was a "sealed bearing". The guy I talked with said yes. Turns out it's not (good bearing but not "sealed"), so I had to order another bearing. Can I return the one I was sent along with the sealing ring that goes forward of it (#946242)? All unopened and just as you sent them to me. All the rest of the parts look good. Thanks





That is fine.  Send it on back to us (Marine Parts Express, 65 Dodge Road, Edgecomb, ME 04556)


Just out of curiousity, what part number did you end up purchasing?




Hi J.D.,


Thanks. I'll get them in the mail today. I bought the same brand of bearing SKF (for the intermediate shaft--power shaft coming off the back of the motor).

The part number is 6206-2RS1 (Same bearing but totally sealed). It's a good upgrade for these older Volvo Pentas.

First, you don't have to lube them.

Second, if the U-Joint bellows develops a leak (like mine did when we were 20 miles out from the dock), the sealed bearing buys more time before saltwater can leak past it. It could make the difference between getting back after a long trip or having an "unsealed" bearing start breaking down. If that drive bearing goes, then things get dangerous real fast.

Thanks again for the great customer service. I'll be buying from you guys in the future as parts are needed.


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