Volvo Penta AD41D Diesel Injector Question

2015-03-10 14:24

Volvo Penta AD41D diesel

Need to know the difference between your two parts listed as injectors for the Volvo Penta AD41D diesel: 861103 and 3803238 which run for difference prices.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Sir:
These are identical injectors and both come with a one year warranty.
The 861103 is a brand new injector.
The 3803238 is called an "exchange injector".  This means that it could be a remanufactured injector (remanufactured by Volvo Penta) and that there is a refundable $90 core charge. 
The idea was that Volvo Penta would begin to rebuild these injectors. As far as we can see they have never done so as all the "exchange injectors" we have received seem to be brand new.  However Volvo PEnta is still collecting the cores so if you go with the 3803238 you will be charged for the injector and additional $90 core charge. 
When we get the old injector back you will be refunded the $90.
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