Model # 50FACPDA

I am looking for informantion about a drive that is missing off a boat and it seems to be a volvo SX series 3868076 that is listed as a OMC Can you please give me any info that would help me replace it. Thanks.

2020-04-03 15:48

From roughly 1993 to 1998 OMC used Volvo Penta supplied SX drives. They sometimes were black and had an OMC tag, but they were Volvo Penta SX drives. Sometimes called Cobra SX or SX Cobra or just Cobra.

In your case your SX was probably an SX-C drive, but you can replace it with a SX-M drive.

A new SX-M drive (probably a 1.60 or a 1.66 ratio is what you had), costs. We have them in stock and ship worldwide.

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