I have Volvo saildrive 110s MS25 (Serial Number 310103047) and I'm looking for the disc kit and the Seal kit, I'm not able to find the part numbers for those. I know this items are discontinued, but I'm still unable to give up. What are my alternatives?

Dan Bettencourt
2020-06-26 19:56
Our records show that you have a 120 S-E sail drive.   If this is correct there are no disc kits in this one as it
uses a sliding sleeve.  I will send you a schematic.
If you have a MS25 saildrive then it does use a disc kit (the MS25 upper was made by ZF for Volvo Penta).
If you have 110S saildrives then you don’t have disc either.
All of these parts for all three saildrives are still available (or I can get them).
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