My 3.0 GS/SX GLP-C 3858953 needs a new crankshaft, can you find a replacement?

Dan Bettencourt
2020-07-01 15:21

The crankshaft for the 3.0 GS/SX GLP-C 3858953 is obsolete from Volvo Penta and
I was unable to find anyone who had one.

However, I could supply a Mercruiser version which should be the same.

Both Mercruiser and Volvo Penta used a 3.0 block from General Motors and the crank
was supplied by GM to both of them.

The Mercruiser version crankshaft is NLA as well, but I do have a couple of sources for the

Incidentally, be a little careful as your crankshaft is not the same size as earlier crankshafts (such
as ones from 2000 or 2001).   GM, for some reason, narrowed the big end journal on later models.

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