I need a way to fit a 1994 Volvo Penta version 7.4 manifold to a Volvo Penta 740B(A). Are there kits for this?

Dan Bettencourt
2020-07-13 18:18

 Here is the work around to replace the manifold and two piece riser from your
Volvo Penta 740B(A) to the 1994 Volvo Penta version 7.4 manifold and one piece riser.   You will
have to fuss with this a bit to get everything to fit.

3861459 MANIFOLD (Replaces 3852362) 3
3852472 GASKET 
3850740 PLUG 
3863191 KIT (2 RISER GASK.) 
3852476 CAP 
3852742 HOSE 
3852696 HOSE
3852597 HOSE 

A couple of notes:

1)  On the "Y" pipe you can either purchase a new "Y" pipe that is lower (part number 385100
for $1,100) or you can cut off the top of your old "Y" pipe. 

2)  You will have to change the cooling pipes a bit as the old system had a dual hose system
going into the manifold, while the 1994 7.4 does not.  In the quote I included the hoses that
you will have to use to replace the fixed coolant pipes.   You may have to go to NAPA (VIP)
to get hose adapters.   The schematic for the 1994 (MD) 7.4 that I sent you shows the new
cooling system.  I also so sent your old original set up so you can compare the two systems.

3)  In the quote, I included the rubber bellows.   The lower bellows usually can be used
while the upper bellows are a bit short.   Most times you have to use a manifold exhaust hose
instead of the bellows on the upper bellows.

4)  The small 90 degree elbow from the 1994 is NLA so I quoted you the 1995 90 degree
elbow 885127 which will work.

5)  And finally while we have done this before successfully this is not a Volvo Penta blessed
work around so there is no implied guarantee from Volvo Penta or from Marine Parts Express.

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