Volvo Penta XDP-B drives question

2015-02-26 20:10
Hello Sir:
We have done this upgrade with people overseas (I just sent one off to Hong Kong).
Volvo Penta has now extended this to February 15th so you have a little time, but it would
probably be better to order it before the year end as I think there may be a rush later
on and it may affect availability.
The only difference in the program for people overseas is that we charge a $4,000 core charge
for the drive and the transom shield.  This is to encourage you to send them back to us within
45 days. The shipping of these old parts back is your responsibility.   Volvo Penta wants these back,
they do not care what condition, so that they are off the market. 
I will need to know the serial number of the engine and drive and they registered to you.  If they
are not registered please let me know and I can register them for you.
I also need these serial numbers so I can make sure you get the other parts that you might need
to do this upgrade.   The additional parts are part of the upgrade but the differ depending on what
set up you.
The other issue is whether you want to replace the drive with a DPS-B (about $10,500) or the DPS-B OXI (Ocean X series) (about $11,500) version.   There is no difference in performance, but the Ocean X series is more corrosion resistant as it has an additional coating put on it.  Unless you have had corrosion issues, I am not completely convinced the $1000 difference is fully justified.  
However, the Ocean X series option comes with propeller hubs that you can put into your existing propellers (the ones from your XDP) while the DPS-B option does not come with prop hubs so you have to purchase them (around $350) unless you also want to purchase completely new props ($750 for aluminum and $1,595 stainless steel prop set).  So really the difference between the two drives is really only about $650.
I think the upgrade is well worth doing as Volvo  Penta has had many issues with the XDP drives.  We seem to find that a boat with the XDP setup is discounted by $10,000 as the market has realized that the XDP drive is a problem.
J. D. Neeson
Dear sir or madame,
I’m an owner of a Monterey 322 with faulty Volvo Penta XDP-B drives. I’ve seen on your blog, that Volvo extended the upgrade promotion until end of this year. 
I’really would like to use this upgrade promotion and would like to ask you for help to place my request just in time.
My only issue is that I’m from Germany and all of the local Volvo dealers here have no experiences with these drives.
Thanks for your help in advance.
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