TAMD22P Perkins Block Question

2015-03-03 15:25

All of the Perkins parts are working their way to you except for U5LC0015 which is the gasket kit.  This gasket kit, per Perkins in the UK, will be at least three weeks (probably closer to four weeks).  Everything else should show up in about a week (minus the three parts you have received).

On the attached quote is a quote for the overhaul gasket kit for a TAMD22P engine made by Volvo Penta.  As you probrably know, the Prima 30 and the Volvo 22 are made from the same Perkin's block and many, but not all , of the gaskets would overlap be the same.

This Volvo Penta gasket is available now so I could send it off to you.  It is a bit higher than the Perkins version and there may be a few gaskets that are not the same or are missing, but most should be the same.  You will have to be careful when using the Volvo gasket kit and check the gaskets carefully before using them.

As of now we still have the Perkins kit on order (incidentally, Perkins showed a couple of these kits available when we ordered, but when they went to pull them, they were not there - very strange).

Please let me know what you would like to do.


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