Volvo PN 3588865 Fuel Pump Question

2015-03-03 15:39

Hello Sir:
The 3588865 fuel pump is just the high pressure pump for the fuel cell.  I can supply this.  But Volvo Penta strongly recommends that the whole fuel cell should be replaced.

Carter pumps (they make the pumps for Volvo Penta) and Volvo Penta have been fighting over who is responsible for the problems that some people have experienced with these pumps.  They blame each other.  (There is a further discussion on this issue in our blog).

So Volvo Penta and Carter has superseded the fuel cell a number of times until they have come up with a fuel cell that is better and more resistant to fuel contamination (it may be the ethanol in the fuel is partially to blame).  It also has a one year warranty.

If, on the other hand, you just replace the high pressure pump and it fails, there is no warranty as Volvo Penta says that everyone needs to go to the up dated fuel cell.

Sometimes I wonder about Volvo Penta recommendations, but in this case, I believe they are correct and you should replace the whole fuel cell.

The riser gaskets come two in a package so you only need two packages.

Thank you and please let me know what you would like us to do and also where you would like us to ship your order.  In the past I see we have sometimes shipped to hotel rooms in the states, but we can ship to Venezuela as well.


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