Volvo 3852692 Push Rod Expired Question

2015-03-03 16:26

Hello Sir:

The 3852692 is an expired gasket.  I don't have one, but I did find one, but note the price is much higher.

The push rods are expired 3853137 and no one has them.  I can give you these in Mercruiser which should be
exactly the same, but you would have to get them and compare them to yours to confirm (I don't have access
to the measurements so I can't do them up here).  If they were not the same we could then shift to aftermarket
and get them to you especially if you send one of yours to us for measurments.

These 3.0s from 1994-1996 are just not supported too well any longer, but most times we can get the parts.

Please let me know.

J. D. Neeson

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