DPS, DPS-A, and the SX drives Cylinder Question

2015-03-03 16:37


The kit we have and the repair kit number 3854247 is for the cylinders on a DPS and the SX drives.  I don't  have a kit for the DPS-A drive yet.

I am sorry, but Volvo Penta does not offer a repair kit for the DPS-A cylinders. They want you to purchase new cylinders.  

Your serial number shows that it is a DPS-A 2.31:1 ratio, but it doesn't tell me whether you have a full tilt, 42 degree or 32 degree.  Each version used a different cylinder, but I quoted you (in the attached) the full tilt version.

There is at least one company out there that claims they have made a cylinder rebuild kit (like we have done for the DP-S and SX-M ones), but I have not physically seen one yet so I can't speak to how well they work.  If you do 
get one can you let me know how they work?

And finally if your ram arm is badly corroded then it is probably not worth trying to reseal it unless you can clean up the arm.

In a day or so, we will have put on our web site the instructions for rebuilding the DP-S/SX drives which you might want to take a peek at so you can see what is involved if you purchase someone's aftermarket kit.   

J. D. Neeson

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