Volvo Penta Pump Part Number 21608512 Question

2015-03-03 16:52
Thanks for the prompt response. The part number that I was given is 3594785. I do not need a ethanol resistant pump, as the marinas in the Florida Keys where I keep the boat do not sell fuel containing ethanol. Additionally, the boat is 38' and not trailerable, so I do not buy fuel at roadside gas stations that often use this additive. Please advise if the above part number will work and I will place the order.
I have purchased numerous parts from your company and always appreciate your professionalism.
Hello Sir:
The problem with these pumps is that the cause of the issues some people have has never been
very well explained.  Carter, who makes the pumps claims that it is Volvo Penta's applications
while Volvo Penta says that it is Carter's pumps that are the problem.  Apparently there have
been law suit threats from both sides.
What this means is that Volvo Penta has discontinued about six versions of these pumps and
says that only the most recent version 21608512 should be used.  All of the other earlier
pumps (like the 3594785) are supposed to have been returned to Volvo Penta (where I assume
they throw them at Carter's executives) and that there is no warranty on any of the earlier
So I can only sell you the 21608512 pump.  You might be able to find someone out there
who has an earlier pump, but remember that it will have no warranty.  I
Given all the troubles with these pumps, I think it is wiser to purchase the new version and get
the full one year warranty.
Please let me know if you would like to go ahead with this.
I am sorry there is no other solution to this.
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