Volvo Penta 2003T Turbo Question

2015-03-03 18:17
Volvo Penta 2003T

Ok, I looked up the turbo price. Im better now but still a little weak. I have two "cores" one in worse shape than the other but both the reason for squirting oil out the exhaust, I think. With one oil line plugged I can blow through the other and air comes out both sides of the turbine, easily. I can wobble the turbine axle up and down about 1/32 on one and 1/8 on the other. I can send both cores for an exchange, if it helps bring the price down a little more?? Of course it would be nice to be able to just buy the parts, but.
You can send in the core first and then we won't have to charge you a core charge.  On the second core, I can give you $100 for it (I will use it as core sometime in the future).
The nice thing is that Volvo Penta does not care about the condition of the cores.  Originally the idea was that they would rebuild these turbos, but they never got around to doing so.  I have a vision of some warehouse filled to the brim with old never to be used turbos!
The 1/32 is on the edge and might be OK (maybe), but the 1/8 side to side is way too much.  The danger is if the turbo comes apart and little pieces of metal from the vanes are pushed through into  your engine.  If the turbo just siezes the engine won't well, but it won't damage anything.
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