Volvo 873531 RPL 22314183 Question

2015-03-03 19:35
Volvo Penta is still having some issues on these, but they have contacted with a new
vendor for this part.  This means there is a new part number for the 873531  which
is 22314183.  It should be the exact same part, but from a different vendor
and a new part number.   However, the price has increased to $231.54 each.
This new part number is so new that it hasn't been officially entered into the
parts systems as of yet.
I talked with Volvo Penta today and they said the new part number should be
in their hands by February 6th (500 pieces) and then a next batch of 500 on March
Do you want to order a pair of these?

J. D. Neeson

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