Volvo Head 26430693 Question

2015-03-03 19:37

Hello Sir:

I am sorry, but the head (26430693) for your fuel injection pump is obsolete. The entire pump (that includes the head), fuel inj. pump 37740, is also obsolete. I looked world wide for either part and was unable to find one.

However, I do have a good used fuel injection pump from a Marine 6.354.4M.  The pump is not exactly the same pump as yours, but the head that is in this pump should be the same as the head in your pump.

The other option is for you to give me all the information that is on the fuel injection metal plate on the pump.  It should read CAV then have the DPA number (like 3362F201) and the DSA number (like 475) and then a serial number and a mod number.

If you give me all the info. on the plate, I might be able to find an aftermarket fuel injection pump through CAV and perhaps a head.  This may not be possible, but I can try.

The other option is to send me your  pump along and I may be able to rebuild it using a mix of new and good used parts.


Thank you and please don't hesitate to contact us if you

need any more information or would like to place an



J.D. Neeson


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