I have a ZF45A transmission on a yanmar 170hp 4lh-dte.
I would like to put a trolling valve on it because it idles too fast. It's very hard to handle at the slip.
Would the trolling valve permit me to shift gears at the dock at a slower speed? Thank you.

Brian Sutter
2016-08-11 14:25

It sounds like your prop is probably too aggressive so you can't go slowly at low RPMs.

If you put on a smaller prop you may lose speed on the upper RPMs.


They do make a trolling valve for the ZF45A for around $1,800.

However some people think that the gear might be a bit too small to use a trolling valve.  But ZF Marine does sell one for it.


Sometimes it makes more sense to purchase a whole new gear with a trolling valve (like a ZF63A) as adding a trolling valve on to a gear purchase is only about $400.



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