I ordered both a cable connection (part # 22769770) Volvo Penta HS45AE-C transmission but it is not compatible with the solenoid, yet Volvo and ZF is showing that is the correct part number. How do I find the correct connection or harness?

Dan Bettencourt
2020-06-24 21:03
What has happened is that Volvo Penta (and ZF Marine) have changed the solenoids from 874097 (ZF #3312 308 064) to 22774568 (ZF#3312 308 183). With the new solenoids Volvo Penta supplies a new cable 22769770 (with the new type terminals). Volvo Penta no longer supports or has any of the old type cable. However, ZF does not make an equivalent new cable 22769770 and instead only supplies a new plug 3316117001 ($ 48.75 each) with the idea that you put the new end on the old wire to go with the new type solenoids. ZF does supply the old type plug (for the earlier solenoid) under part number 3312117001 ($28.50 each). So you have two options. You can either purchase 3312117001 x 2 and put them on the new Volvo Penta harness 22769770 or purchase two of the 3316117001 and put them on your old harness.
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