ZF-63IV-2.5 Serial No.27312R P?N 3312003015 Engine 8.1GXI Volvo Penta year 2007.
Both my transmissions have started to make a "rattling" sound when in or out of gear at idle speed. If I increase speed by 1.5 rpm the noise goes away. When I turn the key off engines will make a loud noise. Could you tell me what this might be and the replacement parts I would need. Would I need to replace transmission?

Daniel Bettencourt
2020-06-29 15:33
Does they do it in reverse as well?  And what is the timing of the two gears making the same noise.  Both at the same
time or did one do it for a bit and then the next one a few months (weeks?) later.   And finally did you do an oil change
before the noises started?
It could be something in the gear, but it also could be the damper plates.  The noise is more like a clanging or hitting
of two metals together.   These are the plates that connect your engines to the transmissions and they have either
springs or rubbers depending upon your set up.
The gear issues are more typically sort of a groaning thumping noise or a grinding of teeth noise.
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