Do you have overhaul kit #876870 in stock?

Dan Bettencourt
2020-07-08 16:36

 The 876870 was a complete OH kit that was discontinued at least 15 years ago.   Volvo Penta split it up into three
sub kits, a basic kit (liners, bearing and gasket kits), a head kit (valves, seals, tappets ect) and sub kit (turbo, injectors,
pumps).   The basic kit still exists 876974 (which I quoted), but the head kit 877732 and sub kit 877776 no longer exists
so one has to purchase the parts separately (which we can supply).

If you tried to order the 876870 it would come back as multiple replacement.   We struggle with whether we should
keep the old numbers in our system as it leads to some confusion, but I have decided it is better to be able to find
the numbers and then trace their replacements than just to eliminate the old numbers.

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